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Owning and operating a swim school doesn't have to be a headache.  

About NSSA Membership 

Boost your teaching and your swim business!

What is NSSA About?


NSSA is a trade / professional association that aims to advance the enterprise, image and welfare of its members. The association office is located in West Des Moines, Iowa and is lead by elected officers and directors and professional management. 

NSSA aims to:

  1. Improve the professional operation of swim schools and boost student learning.
  2. Show swim schools to one another
  3. Present outside-the-industry information that relates to improved operations and learning.
  4. Support swim schools by serving as a resource.
  5. Act on behalf of swim schools in attainment of the most desired common needs.
  6. Promote the contribution of swim schools to the American public.
  7. Grow the association - the more the merrier and the more we all can grow!

Who can be an NSSA Member?


Membership in the National Swim School Association (NSSA) is open to for-profit learn-to-swim businesses located in the United States. Also eligible are similar businesses in other countries and business that supply services and products to swimming schools. Once a school is a member, staff may also join.

All school businesses agree to observe and adhere to the NSSA Code of Ethics covering school operation and teaching.

Benefits of Membership in NSSA


NSSA boosts your sales and profits . . . while reducing your costs and frustrations. Here's how —

The association newsletter Swim School Scene lets you see what member schools have done in creating, operating, and developing their business. Facets of business development are featured (marketing, management, staff development, facilities, etc.) Strategies in the learn-to-swim process are also shared. Accelerate your learning curve (there isn't time to make all possible mistakes yourself) and reach high!

The NSSA office serves as an information central to point to sources for solutions to your most pressing school problems and projects. We routinely do surveying to determine prevailing business and program in the swim school industry - results available.

Put into practice the professionally prepared media relations kit relative to the benefits of 'aquatic programs for young children'. NSSA makes it easy to put your best foot forward with the media!

Over 100 video & audiotapes and print publications are available to assist in teaching and management. Helpful industry contacts are at your fingertips with NSSA's annual Who's Who Directory.

There are national and regional educational conferences that bring members together to talk business and teaching. NSSA offers education courses and information packets. The NSSA Infant-Toddler Swimming Course includes 3 levels (components): home-study materials, a 5-hour skills and methods workshop, a submission of 5-minute video tape of .  A 7-hr. Pool Operators Course especially for those maintaining their own pool is offered at the conference each year. A packet of information for teachers teaching 3 year olds up is being developed and will be available at the end of 2000 or first of 2001.

Annual industry awards recognize outstanding achievement in school operations, teaching and industry development. You, your staff and your business deserve the national recognition can give!

NSSA publishes a source guide of those businesses that supply swim schools with everything from computer software - to teacher training materials - to the latest in learn to swim equipment - and goods that can be sold to students - at a profit for doing so. Stay on top of the latest products and services! General business liability insurance with participant liability is readily available from insurance carriers either your home, rented or commercial school setting.

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