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NSSA is a trade/professional organization for national and international swim schools dedicated to providing the best in professional homework help operations and swimming instruction from infants to adults.

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In Search Of A Quality Narrative Essay Sample On Life Changing Experience

The best narrative essay sample is the one that seems like a story. Reader does not feel the monotony while going through it. It reveals a picturesque situation. The composition should also convey a lesson at the end. Such essays use more of the sensory details and the language used is emotional. Often, it reveals many personal facts and hence is categorized as personal narrative essay.

According to My Essay Geek, top essay provider from USA, when you are asked to write on any topic that has provided a life turning experience for you, you should reveal your experiences like –

Earlier I was a very shy, introvert and timid personality but later on after the incidence........I turned into an extrovert, assertive and gregarious person.

You should narrate the incidence offering scenic views. You should learn the art of turning the story upside down.

State miniscule details in terms of your expression, colors, thoughts, appearance etc.

Following are some other qualities that make an individual’s experience a life changing one-

  • When you are looking at the sample, ensure that you find it interesting.

  • Your sample focuses on key information and conveys minute details.

  • It should be narrative in nature.

  • It revolves around someone’s personal experience.

  • It is written from first person’s perspective.

  • The sample should create a sensational feeling. The reader should be able to feel it.

  • The narrative example should use vivid details and they should be imagery.

The structure of the composition-

Beginning or Introduction: The opening should begin with a description and your own point of view so that the readers get the essence.

Body: Secondly, the body should reveal a clear description as in what happened and what you feel about it. The sample can be either chronologically arranged or based on the facts in order of importance.

Conclusion: I conclusion, the sample should be wrapped up in such a way that the whole story is narrated in limited words. It should teach an idea, lesson, or any learning experience.

Following words should be part of any narrative composition-

  • When you are describing any action, words used should be bombarding and should leave a heavy impact. Example- explode, crash, rescue, save, etc.

  • For movement related activity, use arrives, drive, go, fly, run, etc.

  • For describing any situation that is fiercely in nature, use words like haunted, brutally, intensely, harshly, viciously, ferocious, cruelly, fiercely etc.

  • Similarly, in case you want to describe something beautiful, you can use the words like magnificent, pleasant, striking, attractive, gorgeous, fine looking, stunning, handsome, good looking etc.

  • To describe something big, use the word huge, giant, etc.

Just keep all these points in mind, and you will come up with an excellent piece of writing.


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