NSSA History (1992-1995)


1992 In October 1992 members met in Boston amid seasonal colors.  The organization's growth trend continued - new members joining  and record breaking attendance at each year's conference. 

Books, tapes and surveys were created and offered to members.


1993 In September 1993 the conference was held in Buena Park, Calif.  Pool and classroom sessions were held continuously for three days.  The event followed the 2nd World Aquatic Baby Conference in Los Angeles directed by Virginia Newman.

During the year NSSA added a commercial general liability insurance program for members.  

Steve Graves moved from president to a full time staff position as executive director.  Jan Thomas, from Clovis, California and a board of director member since 1988, became NSSA President.


1994 In a special survey of parents enrolled in NSSA infant-toddler aquatic programs was conducted.  Independent researchers analyzed the questionnaire results from 1200 respondents.

The annual conference was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - drawing nearly 175 participants.  The United States Water Fitness Association met at the same time at the same location.  The conference schedule was synchronized to permit attendees to attend a variety of presentations in either groups agenda.

By years end near 150 domestic schools and 30 internationals schools were members.




In January 1995 the NSSA board went through a strategic planning process to identify who NSSA is and what we are going to do . . . for the next 5 years. 

In March 1995 'Spring Events' were introduced to the membership.  An eastern event (in Morristown, N.J.) and a western event (in Las Vegas) were held.  The program included a day focused on school management and a day on teaching practices.  Nearly 100 persons total participated.

With an annual conference in Dallas in October came a new NSSA President - Jim Hazen from Long Island, New York. 


1996 - 1999