NSSA History (1996-1999)


1996 In 1996 four spring events were held around the country.  

When the annual conference rolled around, the membership met along side the National Spa and Pool Institute and took advantage by attending their gigantic trade show exhibit of pool equipment and supplies.

Four individuals were inducted into the NSSA Swim School Hall of Fame.

and the membership met in Tempe, Arizona for their annual conference.


1997 In January 1997 a NSSA website was created which included a directory of all members.

Spring events were held and the annual conference in Palm  Springs.  The focus of the conference was business development.  Martha Sue Crowley, a swim school owner from Charlotte, North Carolina was elected President.  Crowley had attend her first conference in 1990 while serving as a teacher in a member school - advancing to owners and NSSA presidency in 7 years.

NSSA supported the World Aquatic Baby Aquatic Education Conference held in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Two of our international members directed the event.


1998 In January the Board met to look toward a new strategic plan and spring events were held in March.

In the summer a media expert was commissioned to help NSSA members meet the media effectively.  The board of directors received spokesperson training and members were given a printed guide to on meeting the media as well as one on presenting the positives of aquatic programs for young children.

In September 1998 NSSA celebrated its 10th anniversary with its Orlando Conference.  Over 200 persons attended.  An outcome of the Sonoma event was the appointment of a task force to prepare a NSSA Certified Infant Toddler Swim Teacher Course.

Two historic swim school personalities were inducted into the Swim School Hall of Fame - America's first swim school owner and America's first swim teacher for hire.

A partnership with Swim Australia (a collection of Australian learn to swim operators) was solidified.  


1999 In 1999 two 4-day spring events were held featuring experts in the fields of time management, swim stroke development, water therapy and swim school design.

In spirit of the Olympics NSSA held their annual conference in Colorado Springs.  Included was a visit to the Olympic Training Center and swimming venue.

School owner from Pennsylvania, Kris Kennedy was elected President.

200 schools domestic held membership.


2000 & beyond