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Message from the President


Dear NSSA Member:

For many of you this letter will come to you with much sadness and much surprise. On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I regret to inform you that we received Steve Graves’ resignation as our management group/executive director effective February 28, 2001.

I have the opportunity to speak with Steve almost on a daily basis and share with you his thoughts. Steve states, "I have reached my original goal of creating a professional-trade association for swim schools and now have other interests that are calling me." He continues, "It has been a terrific 12-year experience with NSSA. Helping swim school owners and their staff members grow has been the most rewarding aspect. I’ve met many terrific people along the way."

Regarding the development of the Association and the growth to where we are today, I say to Steve, "well done!" I know that you will join me in commending Steve for his diligent and professional leadership over the years. When we met on the board call, just amongst a few of us, there were several board members who stated that they wouldn’t be where they were if it wasn’t for Steve’s help…and I know that is so true for many of us. Steve began NSSA 12 years ago with an idea and the joining of several others throughout the nation and today we have over 265 member schools both nationally and internationally. As Jan Emler stated, "Steve parented the association through its birth, infancy, toddler-years, adolescence and into young adulthood" and he was a great parent. I guess we are now like a young adult separating into adulthood starting the individuating process. It is going to be very difficult to replace Steve. He has done far more for the organization than what is able to be documented on paper…so I think we will only know now in his absence the immensity of the responsibilities he had.

I think that we can look at this move for Steve as both exciting for him and his new endeavors as well as exciting for the association. The Board approved Bob Hubbard, Johnny Johnson and myself to be the search committee for a new executive director. We are meeting on a regular basis and look forward to sharing with you the results. Our board in January is looking at some significant issues of growth for the organization. We have some hard decisions, but decisions that I think need to be made to take us to a higher level. We are at a turning point of growth and professionalism. We solicit your support and understanding through this transition. We have an exciting Spring schedule of regional Spring Events as well as some quality conference telephone calls. We do hope to see many of you at these events.

Please know that we will keep you informed of any changes as we go along. You may call on Steve through the end of February and you may call me or the Board of Directors at any time. We look forward to a productive and successful year of growth. We also look forward to the excitement associated with growth and change. Steve will be deeply missed. We, the Board of Directors, wish Steve the greatest amount of success in his new endeavors. We know he will always be a friend of the Association and a friend to each of us individually.

Have a great winter season.


Kris Kennedy


National Swim School Association