NSSA Infant Toddler Swimming Course

from Dave DuBois Chairperson - Infant-Toddler Committee Chairperson


 The delivery of NSSA's internationally recognized education program for teachers working with children under three years of age has been updated and is available to all members, as well as the general public.

The course, introduced in 1990, has been under continued development by the NSSA's Infant/Toddler Swimming Course Advisory Committee and has gained substantial credibility over the last decade.

The course offers education, establishes guidelines, and works to create recognized standards. The course can be used as a tool to develop teachers and support general standards in Infant/Toddler swimming facilities and gain acceptance and achieve success of swimming programs involving young children everywhere.

There are three levels to the course - and please note that we are no longer referring to it as a 'certification'.

Level I (Theory Course) – course materials consist of a text, supplementary notes, and a workbook of questions and can be purchased from the NSSA office for $50. The questions completed, sent into the NSSA office, and reviewed - you will receive a certificate of completion.

As a service to NSSA members, once a member school purchases a set of Level I materials, additional workbooks and the additional reading materials booklet may be copied.  Staff can complete the workbooks, send them into the NSSA office along with just $10 per workbook, and end up with a certificate of completion. This is only available for staff employed by the school originally purchasing the Level I materials for the full price. NSSA members are encouraged to take advantage of this great opportunity and get all their staff to complete the Level I materials.

Level II (Seminar/Workshop) – This is a 5-hour workshop (4-hour classroom and 1-hour pool). The workshop can be completed independent of the Level 1 and can act as an entry to the Course. A certificate is issued for completing the Workshop. The Level II Workshops are offered at the NSSA conference and spring events.  It may also be arranged at your school.  Normally the course fee is $35 per person where extra costs are not involved. 

Level III (Video Evaluation) – Level I and II must be completed prior to application for Level III. A script is provided and a video is made documenting the teaching skills and methods of the candidate. A certificate is issued stating that the skills demonstrated on the video are in accordance with the NSSA's Guidelines. The fee when submitting the video and application is $30.

Certificates are valid for five years. A re-certification may be taken, if available, to renew material, updates and changes.

Thanks to all those who have supported the NSSA's Infant/Toddler Course over the last 10 years. We look forward to continued growth and improvement of the course in years to come.

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