Strategic Objectives


1 Years

2 Years

5 Years

10 Year

Community Awareness

  1. Focus one newsletter on the development of a water safety event at members’ facilities
  2. Advertise total number children taught by association
  1. Develop and sponsor one research project for the purpose of establishing benefits of early swimming instruction
  2. Compile comprehensive drowning statistics
  1. Develop a national campaign for the importance of quality and early swimming instruction
  2. Establish and have recognized a National Safety-Swimming Week
  3. Establish an NSSA Certification program

Annual Growth

  1. Increase Gross Growth by 10%
  1. Increase Gross Growth by 20%


  1. Improve and expand national conference
  2. Record all input for the swimming instruction skills workshop
  3. Revise level 2 of the infant/toddler course
  1. Develop and implement a CEO Power Weekend
  2. Establish a swimming instruction skills workshop
  3. Create an information packet on interacting with legislation and lobbying
  1. Establish training workshops as recognized education programs in each state
  2. Establish recognition of NSSA as national leader in aquatic education
  3. Unify principles and standards for membership (CEU’s)
  1. Establish recognition of NSSA as world leader in aquatic education

Business Operations

  1. Increase and expand membership packets for both renewals and new members
  2. Establish health insurance options
  1. Create, develop and publish an industry standards survey
  2. Establish regional meetings at the annual conference and throughout the year
  3. Develop an "Adopt a Legislator" packet kit
  1. Obtain corporate sponsorship
  2. Establish affiliations with other swimming associations
  3. Establish and expand upon ethic standards for membership in the association
  1. Expand upon corporate sponsorship concept


Future locations for annual conference established:


Projected Cities


Monterrey, Mexico


Hilton Head Island, SC or Washington, D.C.


New Orleans or Chicago or San Antonio


Jackson Hole or Boise or Park City


Santa Barbara or San Diego


Vancouver or Hawaii or Montreal

The following were established as new voting procedures to improve representation and expand opportunities for international members:

  1. International member schools may vote for officer (Vice President/President Elect) and International Board candidates
  2. Explore and establish absentee ballot system
  3. Voting for regional board representation will be done solely by member schools from their region (time zone)

The board established the position of treasurer to be an appointed position by the president and confirmed by the board to review financial reports made by the executive director and accountant and provide a quarterly report to the board of directors and annually to the membership. The term of service will coincide with the term of the office of president.

It has been my pleasure to share these concepts, directions and goals with you. We are very excited about our opportunities for growth and change. We already are making progress on our one-year goals and are even beginning to address some of our two-year goals. I hope that you are looking forward to the National Swim School Association, board and staff serving you and your needs. We have one great group of individuals in our association and we are moving and growing…thanks for coming along with us. I hope by now you are registered in one of our great Spring Events and will get an opportunity to meet and network with each other. Be looking ahead to some quality telephone conferences, great newsletters and a great time in sunny Phoenix.

Please know that you can call on me or the other directors or our new Executive Director, Paul Romans at any time.

Keep in touch…and get involved.

See you in Phoenix!