Spring Break 2000 NSSA

6 NSSA Spring Break Events were held in  March and April in Northern & Southern Calif., in Texas, Florida, Connecticut and Monterrey, Mexico.  Program included: school management roundtable, infant-toddler teacher workshop, Team Building Day with Frank Oliveto, and In-Pool presentations by 6 leading teachers.  Schools were able to connect with other schools in your region. 

"It certainly was a great spring with six very successful weekend Spring Break events. We had over 300 people gain new knowledge and new friends through these Spring Events. It is always good to get together, network and hear what everyone is doing.

Frank Oliveto really showed us how to team build as we develop our staff and gain new methods for the interviewing process. I know that everyone walked away in amazement of how easy it was to see how a team develops and grows through a game ("an initiative"). It was really fascinating to me having done some of these activities with the board of directors in January and then with groups in Connecticut and Mexico recently.

For example, we completed a "ball-passing" initiative where we predicted the time needed to pass a ball around the group and then tried to complete the task within the time.

During our board meeting we went through 4-5 steps to get to the fastest time…when I was in Connecticut, our group went through the exact same steps to get the task done.

What does that say about us? Well, no matter who we are or where we are we go through the same steps to accomplish a task. That means whether we are a large school, a small school, or a teacher trying to accomplish a goal and solve a problem, we all are going to get to the goal. Probably in the same steps, perhaps in varying times…but in reality, it says, "there is nothing new under the sun."

That really spoke to me about our willingness to share our ideas within NSSA."

Kris Kennedy

NSSA President


A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Spring Break Event hosts, each of whom gave their facility and did a terrific job in making everyone feel welcome!

Glena Madsen – Napa, Calif.

Ingrid Daland - Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Jeanne Sanders – Tampa, Fla.

Chad Neal – Houston, Texas

Margee Charron – Norwich, Conn.

Lulu Cisneros – Monterrey, Mexico

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