Jan Thomas

Text from Hall of Fame Presentation Nov. 4, 2000


"A love of teaching swimming, infectious enthusiasm and unparalleled commitment are at the heart of Jan Thomas' contribution to the swimming world.

At the age of 18 Jan left her childhood home of Wolsey, South Dakota to train at the LA Athletic Club.  While training, she also taught for both Jen loven and NSSA Hall of Fame inductee, Crystal Scarborough, pioneers of infant swimming.

But in 1958, Jan hung her own shingle in Fresno, California.  Within a short time it was clear that Jan's avocation would rapidly become a successful business.

As the Jan Thomas Swim School expanded, Jan developed a unique teaching method - combining love and discipline in the proper proportion to create the undeniable elixir of personal success in each of her students.  Jan instills in her swimmers the dream of accomplishment, generously shares her enthusiastic support and confidence in her swimmers' potential, and wraps them each in an abundance of love for unparalleled success.

Jan infectious enthusiasm, love and commitment have resulted in more than 55,000 new swimmers.   The Jan Thomas Swim School currently employs 36 employees in her summer program to teach approximately 2,000 swimmers and give approximately 15,000 lessons.  But perhaps the greatest testament to Jan and her contribution is the loyalty of her teachers and students.  Having been a part of Jan's extraordinary program, Jan's teachers consistently return year after year, some fro as many as 30 years.  Jan's swimmers also consistently return and in such great numbers that Jan's teachers' schedules fro an entire summer are booked within weeks of opening registration.

Jan deeply believes in the benefits of membership in NSSA.  Jan is a founding director of the National Swim School Association.  In addition to being a regular motivational speaker in her community, Jan has been a regular speaker at, and contributor to, programs, articles and other activities of NSSA.  Jan readily credits NSSA for raising the standards of excellence in the swim school industry at large and significantly contributing to the success of all swim school owner members."